Quick Answer: How Do You Get Rex To Follow You?

How many followers can you have in Fallout New Vegas

In Fallout: New Vegas, the maximum number of followers you can have is two.

How do you get Lily as a follower

To get Lily as a follower in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you must first complete the quest “Honeyside.” Once you have completed this quest, Lily will offer to be your follower.

Where can I find Rex ror2

Looking for a Rex in Risk of Rain 2? Check out these locations!

In Risk of Rain 2, the Rex is a new boss that was added in the latest update. This large, hulking creature is tough to take down, but definitely worth the effort as it drops some very valuable loot. If you’re wondering where to find a Rex, here are some potential locations:

1. The Hollow

2. The Shattered Grounds

3. The Aqueduct

4. The Gilded Coast

5. any other areas with a lot of enemies

These are just some potential areas where you might be able to find a Rex. Keep in mind that they don’t spawn in every game, so it may take a few tries before you’re lucky enough to encounter one.

How do you dismiss Rex in Fallout New Vegas

In Fallout: New Vegas, you may dismiss your current companion by opening the Pip-Boy 3000, selecting the “Data” tab, and then selecting “My Companions”. This will bring up a list of all available companions, as well as those currently in your party. To dismiss a companion, simply select them and press the “Dismiss” button.

How do I get Lupa brain

There is no known cure for Lupa brain, a rare and incurable disease that causes progressive brain damage. Symptoms include seizures, blindness, dementia, and death. There is no known cause of Lupa brain, and there is no known way to prevent it. There is no known way to treat Lupa brain, and there is no known way to slow its progression.

Does it matter what brain you give Rex

It’s not clear yet whether it matters what brain you give Rexulti, as the research is still ongoing. However, some experts believe that Rexulti may be more effective if it is given a brain that is more similar to its own. This is because Rexulti seems to be able to better understand and respond to signals from a brain that is more like its own.

How do you fix Rex
ing V1 Car Dash Cam recording problems

If your Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam is having recording problems, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue. First, make sure that the memory card is properly inserted into the dash cam. Next, check to see if the battery is fully charged. If neither of these solutions work, try resetting the dash cam. To do this, hold down the power button for 10 seconds. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the memory card or the dash cam itself.

Can you have Rex and another companion
at the same time in Fallout 4

No, you cannot have Rex and another companion at the same time in Fallout 4.

Who was the most popular president in NCR history

The most popular president in the history of the NCR was undoubtedly Ronald Reagan. He was a popular president from the moment he took office in 1981 and remained so throughout his two terms in office. Reagan was a popular president because he was a skilled communicator who was able to connect with the American people. He was also a strong leader who was able to get things done.

How do I get to Caesar’s camp

Assuming you are referring to the historical figure Julius Caesar, there is no one definitive answer to this question. Depending on what time period you are interested in, Julius Caesar could have been located in a number of different places. For example, during his time as governor of Gaul (modern day France), he would have been based in the city of Gaul (modern day Lyon). Alternatively, if you are interested in the time period after his military campaigns in Gaul, he would have been based in Rome.

There is no one definitive answer to the question of how to get to Julius Caesar’s camp, as it depends on what time period you are interested in. However, some potential methods of travel to his camp could include travelling by land or sea to the relevant location, or using a mode of transport such as a horse or carriage.

Can you get a dog in Fallout New Vegas

In Fallout: New Vegas, you can get a dog as a companion. To do so, you must first complete the quest “For the Republic, Part 2.” Once this quest is completed, you can find a dog in the Mojave Wasteland. The dog will follow you and help you fight enemies.

Which brain should I give Rex

The brain is a complex organ, and there are many factors to consider when making the decision of which brain to give Rex. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. The size of the brain. The brain of a small animal will not be able to support the body of a large animal like Rex.

2. The age of the brain. A younger brain will be more resilient and have a better chance of surviving the transplant.

3. The health of the brain. A brain that has been damaged or is diseased will not be a good candidate for transplant.

4. The species of the brain. A brain from a different species will likely not be compatible with Rex’s body.

5. The donor’s wishes. If the donor has specified that they do not want their brain to be used for transplant, then it is important to respect their wishes.

Ultimately, the decision of which brain to give Rex is a complex one that depends on many factors. It is important to consult with a qualified medical professional to make sure that the transplant is successful.

Where is Rex in the Lucky 38

If you’ve completed all of the quests in Fallout: New Vegas, you may be wondering what happened to good old Rex. Well, never fear, because we’ve got the answer for you!

As it turns out, Rex is actually located in the Lucky 38 Penthouse, which can be found on the top floor of the Lucky 38 Casino. You can get there by taking the elevator in the main lobby.

Once you’re in the penthouse, you’ll find Rex in the bedroom, lying on the bed. He’ll be happy to see you and will even give you a new companion quest, if you so desire.

So, there you have it! Now you know where to find Rex in the Lucky 38 Penthouse.

Can you keep Rex in Fallout New Vegas

In Fallout: New Vegas, you have the option to keep your loyal canine companion, Rex, by your side throughout the entire game. Here’s what you need to know about keeping Rex with you.

First, you’ll need to have the Wild Card perk, which allows you to have a second companion. Once you have that, you can simply tell Rex to wait outside of any area where dogs aren’t allowed, such as the King’s School of Impersonation.

Once you’ve completed the quest They Went That-A-Way, you’ll be able to fast travel with Rex. However, if you dismiss him at any point, you’ll have to retrieve him from the area where you left him before you can fast travel again.

In order to keep Rex with you permanently, you’ll need to complete his companion quest, For the Love of Dogg. This quest will involve you rescuing Rex from the clutches of the mysterious Big MT research facility.

Once you’ve completed the quest and returned Rex to the Mojave Wasteland, he’ll be yours to keep for the rest of the game. He’ll even follow you into combat and use his own special abilities to help you win fights.

So if you’re looking for a furry friend to join you on your adventures in Fallout: New Vegas, look no further than Rex. He’ll be a loyal companion until the end.

Where does Rex go when you dismiss him

Rex, the resident canine on the island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, will leave to go back to his home on the mainland when players dismiss him. This is likely due to the fact that Rex is not native to the island, and therefore does not have a permanent home there.

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