Is linkmon99 the richest Roblox player?

As of May 2020, linkmon99 is the richest Roblox player with a net worth of over $40 million. He is ahead of popular YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Markiplier, who are both worth an estimated $20 million.

Linkmon99’s staggering net worth is largely due to his impressive investment portfolio. He has invested heavily in Roblox itself, as well as several popular game development studios. He also owns a sizable amount of virtual real estate, which he leases out to other players.

It’s safe to say that linkmon99 is by far the richest Roblox player, and it doesn’t seem like his reign will be ending anytime soon.


Roblox is a game platform that allows users to create and play games with friends. It is also a social platform where players can interact with each other through chat. One of the most popular games on Roblox is “Jailbreak”, which is a game where players can escape from jail, commit crimes, and earn money.

Roblox is a popular game platform with over 150 million monthly active users. It is also one of the highest grossing platforms, with over $1 billion in revenue.

There are many famous Roblox players, but one of the most well-known is “Linkmon99”, who is also the richest player on the platform. Linkmon99 is an Australian player who is currently the number one ranked player on Roblox. He is also the owner of the largest group on Roblox, with over 4 million members.

Linkmon99’s net worth is estimated to be over $10 million. The majority of his wealth comes from the sale of virtual items and currency on the Roblox platform. He also earns a significant amount of money from sponsorship deals and advertising.

Linkmon99’s life is the epitome of the American Dream. He started playing Roblox in 2014, and just four years later, he is now a multi-millionaire. He is a self-made man who has achieved success through his own hard work and dedication.

Linkmon99 is living proof that anyone can achieve their dreams if they set their mind to it. He is an inspiration to people all over the world, and his story is proof that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.

Frequently Asked Questions with answer of Is linkmon99 the richest Roblox player?

Is Linkmon99 richer than Roblox?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is impossible to accurately compare the two users’ net worths. However, based on the information that is publicly available, it is safe to say that Linkmon99 is likely richer than Roblox.

Who is the richest play in Roblox?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on individual wealth and spending habits. However, some of the richest players in Roblox are thought to be those who have accumulated a large amount of Robux (the in-game currency) and/or have purchased a lot of premium items.

How much is 400 Robux cost?

400 Robux costs $4.99.

How much money is 100000 Robux worth?

$100,000 Robux is worth approximately 1,337.50 US dollars.

Is it OK to play Roblox at 15?

There is no definitive answer, as every situation is different. Ultimately, it is up to the parent or guardian to decide if Roblox is appropriate for their child at 15 years old.

Is Stickmasterluke still active?

There is no definitive answer, but Stickmasterluke has not been active on social media since 2016.

Who was the 2nd Roblox player?

The answer to this question is not currently known.

Is Roblox giving 5k Robux?

There is no definite answer as Roblox has not announced any plans of giving away 5,000 Robux. However, there are a few ways that players can earn Robux, such as by selling items or by participating in Roblox’s Developer Exchange program.


There is no definitive answer to this question as it is impossible to know exactly how much money linkmon99 has in their Roblox account. However, based on the fact that they are one of the most popular and well-known players on the platform, it is safe to say that they are probably one of the richest as well.

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