Why can’t I use the username of a deleted account?

If you try to sign up for a new account using the username of a deleted account, you’ll see a message saying that the username is not available. This is because we do not allow re-use of deleted account usernames.

How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Gmail Account?

If you’re sure that you’ve deleted your Gmail account and you can no longer log in or access it, you may be able to recover your deleted Gmail account. All you need is a little bit of patience and some luck.

First, try opening Gmail in a web browser and entering your deleted account’s email address. If you see a “Couldn’t find your Google account” error, click the “Need help?” link at the bottom of the error message.

On the next page, click the “I don’t know my password” link and enter your deleted Gmail address when prompted. Google will then ask you some questions to verify your identity.

If you’re able to answer the questions correctly, you’ll be able to reset your password and regain access to your deleted Gmail account.

If you can’t remember the answers to the questions Google asks or you’re not able to reset your password, your only other option is to wait for Google to automatically delete your account.

According to Google’s policy, it can take up to two weeks for a deleted Gmail account to be completely purged from its servers. So, if you’re patient, your deleted Gmail account may eventually come back on its own.


How to fix a hole in a wall

It’s not uncommon to accidentally create a hole in a wall while hanging pictures or attempting other do-it-yourself projects. While it may be tempting to simply ignore the problem, it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

Fortunately, fixing a hole in a wall is a relatively easy and inexpensive repair that most people can do themselves. Here are a few tips on how to fix a hole in a wall:

1. Start by cleaning up the area around the hole. Remove any loose debris or dust so that you have a clean surface to work with.

2. If the hole is large, you may need to insert a piece of wood or metal into the hole to provide support for the repair.

3. Apply a generous amount of spackling compound to the area around the hole. Use a putty knife to smooth it out, making sure to fill in any cracks or crevices.

4. Once the spackling compound is dry, sand the area smooth.

5. Paint over the repaired area to match the surrounding wall.

By following these simple steps, you can easily fix a hole in a wall and avoid any further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions with answer of Why can’t I use the username of a deleted account?

Why can’t I use a deleted Instagram username?

A deleted Instagram username is not available for use because it has been removed from the platform.

Can I use a username from a deleted Instagram account?

No, you cannot.

How long after an account is deleted does the username become available Instagram?

Approximately 30 days.

Can you take the username of a deleted account twitter?

No, you cannot take the username of a deleted account on Twitter.

How can I get a username that is taken on Instagram?

If the username you want is already taken, you can try adding underscores or numbers to the end of the username you want. For example, if the username “cats” is already taken, you could try “cats_1” or “cats2”.


There are a few reasons why you cannot use the username of a deleted account. The first reason is that the account no longer exists, so the username is no longer valid. The second reason is that the username may have been taken by another user after the account was deleted. Finally, the username may be associated with the account’s previous activity, which could be negative or against the site’s terms of service.

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