What happens when you delete discord account?

When you delete your Discord account, all your data and messages are permanently erased. This includes all your direct messages, as well as any messages you’ve sent in a server. If you have any questions about what happens when you delete your Discord account, feel free to contact our support team.

What happens when you delete a discord account?

When you delete a Discord account, all of your data and messages are permanently erased from the platform. This includes any servers you are a part of, as well as any direct messages or group chats you have participated in. If you have any concerns about data recovery or data security, it is best to contact Discord directly before deleting your account.

Frequently Asked Questions with answer of What happens when you delete discord account?

What does a deleted account look like on Discord?

There is no concrete answer to this question as Discord does not have a specific “look” for deleted accounts. However, it is generally accepted that a deleted account will appear as a blank profile with no username or profile picture.

Can I get my Discord account back if I delete it?

If you delete your Discord account, it is not possible to get it back.

How long does it take for Discord to delete account?

Discord will delete an account if it is inactive for more than 30 days.

Does unfriending someone on Discord delete messages?

No, unfriending someone on Discord does not delete messages.

Does Discord report you to the police?

Discord does not report you to the police.

Who blocked me on discord?

There isn’t a way to directly see who has blocked you on Discord, but there are a few ways to infer if someone has blocked you. If you can’t see a user’s online status, last seen timestamp, or profile picture, it’s possible that they have blocked you. Additionally, if you try to message a user who has blocked you, you will receive a notification saying that the user is unable to receive messages.

What does closing a DM do on discord?

When you close a DM on Discord, it means that the conversation is no longer visible in your direct messages. This can be useful if you want to tidy up your messages, or if you want to keep a conversation private.

How do you completely block someone on discord?

You can block someone on Discord by clicking the three dots next to their name and selecting Block.

Does Discord track your IP?

Discord does not track IP addresses of its users. However, if a user were to report another user through Discord’s built-in report function, Discord could collect the IP addresses of both the reporter and the user being reported in order to investigate the report.

Does Discord record you?

Discord does not record you.

Is it legal to record Discord calls?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary depending on the country you are in. However, it is generally advisable to get the other person’s permission before recording any kind of conversation, whether it is over Discord or any other medium.


If you delete your Discord account, your account data will be irretrievably lost and you will not be able to reactivate your account.

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