How do you delete a Facebook account you no longer have access to?

If you’ve lost access to your Facebook account but don’t have a way to log back in, you can still request to have your account deleted. Keep in mind that it may take up to 90 days for your request to be processed.

To request to have your account permanently deleted:

How To Delete Old Facebook Account?

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It’s not uncommon to have more than one Facebook account. Maybe you have a personal account and a business account, or an account you created just to see what Facebook was all about and then forgot about it. Regardless of the reason, if you have an old Facebook account that you want to delete, here’s how.

Before you delete your account, you’ll want to download a copy of your data. Facebook allows you to do this by going to the General Account Settings page. At the bottom of the page, there will be an option to download a copy of your data. Once you have a copy of your data, you’re ready to delete your account.

To delete your account, go to the Delete My Account page. Facebook will ask you to enter your password. Once you’ve entered your password, you’ll be asked to fill out a CAPTCHA. After you’ve done that, your account will be scheduled for deletion. Facebook says it can take up to 90 days for an account to be completely deleted.

So there you have it. That’s how you delete an old Facebook account.


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Frequently Asked Questions with answer of How do you delete a Facebook account you no longer have access to?

How do I delete a Facebook account that I no longer have access to?

If you are not able to log into your Facebook account and do not have access to the email registered to that account, you will not be able to delete it yourself. However, you can fill out Facebook’s account removal form, which will allow you to request that Facebook delete your account.

Can you still delete a Facebook account if you forgot the email and password?

Yes, you can delete your Facebook account even if you have forgotten the email and password associated with it. However, you will need to provide some additional information to Facebook in order to confirm your identity and prove that you are the owner of the account.

How long before Facebook deletes your deactivated account?

Facebook says that it “normally” deletes deactivated accounts after 30 days, but that it may take up to 90 days to do so.

How can I delete my Facebook account without waiting 14 days?

You can’t delete your Facebook account without waiting 14 days.

How do I delete my Facebook account 2021?

To delete your Facebook account:

Click at the top right of any Facebook page.
Click Settings.
Click Your Facebook Information in the left column.
Click Deactivation and Deletion.
Choose Delete Account, then click Continue to Account Deletion.
Enter your password, click Continue and then click Delete Account.


If you can’t access your Facebook account because you can’t log into it, you can try to regain access to your account by using the account recovery process. If you can’t remember your Facebook password, you can request a password reset. If you can’t access the email address associated with your Facebook account, you can add a new email address to your account and then log out of your account and log back in with the new email address. If you’ve tried all of these things and still can’t access your account, you may need to delete your Facebook account.

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