How do I delete my Zola account?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to Zola, we’re sad to see you go! You can deactivate your account from the Account Settings page. Once you deactivate your account, you will no longer have access to your Zola account, including your registry, wedding website, and guest list.

To deactivate your account:

Log into your Zola account

Click on the silhouette icon in the upper right-hand corner and select “Account Settings”

Under the “Account” section, click “Deactivate Account”

Enter your password to confirm

Click “Deactivate Account”

We’re sorry to see you go and we hope you had a great experience with Zola!

How to Delete Google Account Permanently

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your Google account, here’s how to delete it permanently.

Deleting your entire Google account will remove your data from all of its services, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Photos. Before you delete your account, you should download all of the data you want to keep.

To delete your Google account, follow these steps:

Sign in to your account.
Click here to visit the Google Account Manager.
Click Delete your account or services.
Click Delete products.
Enter your password.
Click Next.
Click Done.

Now that you’ve deleted your Google account, you may want to delete any other online accounts you have.

Frequently Asked Questions with answer of How do I delete my Zola account?

Do Zola websites expire?

Websites do not expire, but domain names do. It is important to renew your domain name before it expires to avoid losing your website.

How do I remove gifts from Zola registry?

If you need to remove a gift from your Zola registry for any reason, simply login to your registry and click on the “Edit” button next to the item. From there, you can click the “Remove” button.

How do I delete my account on the knot?

In order to delete your account on The Knot, you will need to contact customer service and request that they delete your account for you.

Which is better the knot or Zola?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some people may prefer the knot because it offers more control over the wedding planning process, while others may find Zola to be a more convenient option. Ultimately, it is up to the couple to decide which platform is best for them.

Can you customize Zola website?

Yes, you can customize your Zola website to match your unique style and brand. You can change your website’s colors, fonts, and layout. You can also add and remove sections, and add custom pages.


If you wish to delete your Zola account, you may do so by contacting customer support.

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