How do I delete my messenger account?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to Facebook Messenger, here’s how to deactivate your account. Keep in mind that deactivating Messenger doesn’t delete your Facebook account, it just logs you out of the app.

To deactivate your Messenger account:

Open the app and tap your profile picture in the top left corner.

Scroll down and tap Account Settings.

Under Your Account, tap Deactivate Messenger.

Enter your password and tap Continue.

Tap Deactivate.

Once you deactivate your account, you’ll no longer be able to use Messenger. If you change your mind, you can always reactivate your account by logging back in.

How To DELETE Messenger Account 2021?

If you want to delete your Messenger account, follow these steps:

1. Open the Messenger app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap your profile picture in the top left corner.

3. Scroll down and tap Account Settings.

4. Tap Security.

5. Tap Deactivate Messenger.

6. Enter your password and tap Deactivate.

Your Messenger account has now been deleted.


What are some frequently asked questions about the coronavirus?

1. What is the coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a virus that is closely related to the common cold and can cause a number of respiratory infections including bronchitis, pneumonia, and even meningitis. It can be deadly in some cases, particularly to young children and the elderly.

2. How does it spread?

The coronavirus is believed to spread through contact with respiratory secretions, such as saliva, mucus, or blood, from an infected person. It can also be spread through contact with objects or surfaces that have been contaminated with the virus.

3. What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of the coronavirus include fever, coughing, and difficulty breathing. In some cases, the virus can also cause diarrhea and vomiting.

4. How is it treated?

There is no specific treatment for the coronavirus, but most people recover within a few weeks. In severe cases, hospitalization may be necessary.

5. Can it be prevented?

There is no vaccine for the coronavirus, but it can be prevented by washing your hands often, avoiding close contact with sick people, and avoiding touching your face.

Frequently Asked Questions with answer of How do I delete my messenger account?

How do I permanently delete my Messenger account?

Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently delete a Messenger account. However, you can deactivate your account, which will hide your profile and remove your name from your friends’ lists.

Why can’t I remove my account in Messenger?

We’re sorry, but you cannot delete your account from the Messenger app. To delete your Facebook account, which will also delete your Messenger account, you will need to log into the Facebook app and follow the instructions.

What happens when you delete Messenger account?

When you delete your Messenger account, all of your messages, photos, and contacts will be deleted. You will no longer be able to use Messenger to communicate with people.

Can I deactivate Messenger?

Yes, you can deactivate messenger by going to the settings menu

How do I delete my Messenger account 2021?

To delete your Messenger account:

1. Tap the Menu icon in the top right of the screen.

2. Scroll down and tap Settings.

3. Tap Account Settings.

4. Tap Delete Account.

5. Enter your password and tap Continue.

6. Tap Delete Account.


If you wish to delete your messenger account, you may do so by following the instructions provided by the messenger service.

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