Can you change your house to Pottermore?

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, you might be wondering if you can change your house to Pottermore. While you can’t actually change your house to Pottermore in the real world, there are a few things you can do to make your home feel more like the wizarding world.

One way to add a touch of Pottermore to your home is to incorporate some of the series’ iconic elements into your decor. For example, you could display a Hogwarts acceptance letter or House crest on your wall, or set up a Harry Potter-themed bookshelf. You could also try hanging up some posters or tapestries with Harry Potter-themed designs.

Another way to make your home feel more like Pottermore is to fill it with magical items. You could use your imagination to create your own potions and spell books, or you could purchase some Harry Potter-themed merchandise to add to your collection.

Finally, you can make your home even more like Pottermore by inviting your friends over for a Harry Potter-themed party. You can decorate your home with Harry Potter-themed decorations, make some Potter-themed snacks and drinks, and even dress up in costumes. By hosting a party, you can turn your home into the ultimate Pottermore experience.

How to Change house on Pottermore || One Simple trick || Hogwarts house || Re-sorting


If you’re a Pottermore user who is unhappy with the house you were sorted into, there is a way to change it.

First, you need to go to the Sorting Hat page on Pottermore. On the right side of the screen, there is a button that says “Change House.”

Click that, and the Sorting Hat will ask you a series of questions. Answer them truthfully, and the Sorting Hat will sort you into the house you most identify with.

Frequently Asked Questions with answer of Can you change your house to Pottermore?

Can you redo your Pottermore House?

There is no definite answer, as Pottermore has not released any information on the matter. It is possible that your house could be changed if you retake the sorting quiz, but there is no guarantee.

Can I delete my Pottermore account and start over?

If you delete your Pottermore account, you will no longer have access to your account, House, and any progress you have made.

Can you retake the wand test on Pottermore?

Yes, you can retake the wand test on Pottermore.

How do I reset my Pottermore account?

If you would like to reset your Pottermore account, you can do so by going to the “Account Settings” page. From there, you will need to click on the “Delete Account” button. Please note that this action is irreversible.

Is the Pottermore quiz accurate?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people may find the Pottermore quiz to be accurate in terms of the Hogwarts house they are sorted into, while others may not feel as though the quiz accurately captures their personality. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they believe the Pottermore quiz is accurate.


No, you cannot change your house to Pottermore.

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