Can we delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive?

Yes, you can delete your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. Here’s how:

Open the Google Drive app on your Android device.

Tap the Menu icon

Select Settings.

Tap Manage backups.

Tap the backup you want to delete.

Tap Delete backup.

Your WhatsApp backup will now be deleted from Google Drive.

how to delete whatsapp backup from google drive

If you’re trying to free up some space on your Google Drive account, or if you simply don’t want your WhatsApp backups taking up space on the cloud anymore, here’s how to delete them.

First, open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Tap Chats, then Chat backup. You’ll see how much space your WhatsApp backups are taking up on Google Drive, as well as when they were last backed up.

To delete your backups, tap Back up to Google Drive and then tap theBackups tab. From here, simply tap on the backup you want to delete and press the trash can icon. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the backup; tap Delete Backup to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions with answer of Can we delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive?

What happens if you delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive?

If you delete your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive, you will no longer be able to restore your WhatsApp messages and media from that backup.

How can I permanently delete my WhatsApp chat backup?

If you want to delete your WhatsApp chat backup, you can do so by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Delete Backup.

Can I delete old WhatsApp backup files?

Yes, you can delete old WhatsApp backup files.

How do I delete Google Drive backups?

Deleting Google Drive backups can be done in a few different ways. One way is to go into the Settings app on your device, select the “Backup & reset” option, and then select the “Delete backups” option. This will delete any backups that are associated with your Google account. Another way to delete backups is to go into the Google Drive app, select the “hamburger” menu icon, and then select the “trash can” icon. This will delete all backups that are currently in your Google Drive.

Where does WhatsApp Backup go?

WhatsApp backs up your chats to your phone’s memory by default. From there, you can transfer the backup to your computer or upload it to a cloud service.


Yes, we can delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.

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