Can someone else use my LYFT account?

If you plan on sharing your Lyft account with someone else, be sure to add them as an authorized user. That way, they can use your account without having to sign up for their own.

If you’re the primary account holder, you can add an authorized user by going to the ‘Profile’ section of the Lyft app and tapping ‘Add an Authorized User.’ From there, you’ll enter the person’s first and last name, and their phone number. Once you add them, they’ll appear in your ‘Contacts’ list within the app.

If you’re not the primary account holder, you can still use someone else’s Lyft account by signing in as a guest. To do so, tap ‘Sign in as Guest’ on the login screen, and enter the phone number associated with the account. You’ll then be able to request rides and pay with the account holder’s payment method.

Just remember, if you’re an authorized user on someone else’s Lyft account, you’ll only be able to use that account when they’re logged in. And, if you’re a guest, you won’t be able to see the account holder’s ride history or account settings.

3 Ways To Contact Lyft Support And Talk To Someone?

Need to contact Lyft support but not sure how? Here are three ways to get in touch with someone who can help.

1. Call Lyft support at (888) 985-8163

2. Email Lyft support at [email protected]

3. Use the Lyft app to request a call from support

If you need to contact Lyft support, the best way to reach them is by phone. You can give them a call at (888) 985-8163. If you would prefer to email them, you can reach them at [email protected]

If you would prefer to use the Lyft app to contact support, you can do so by tapping the ‘Help’ button in the app and then selecting ‘Get Help’. From there, you can request a call from support.


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Frequently Asked Questions with answer of Can someone else use my LYFT account?

What if someone uses my Lyft account?

If someone uses your Lyft account, they may be able to access your personal information and account history. You should contact Lyft customer support immediately to report the unauthorized use of your account.

How do I kick someone off my Lyft account?

There is no way to directly kick someone off of your Lyft account. However, you can change your account password which will effectively lock the person out.

Can Lyft accounts be hacked?

There is always a possibility that any account can be hacked, but there are steps that users can take to help make their account more secure. Lyft accounts are no different – users should take care to choose strong and unique passwords, avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, and enable two-factor authentication if possible. Doing these things can help to make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to a Lyft account.

Can I dispute a Lyft charge?

It is possible to dispute a Lyft charge, although the process can be complicated and may not always be successful. You will need to contact Lyft customer service and provide them with evidence to support your claim that the charge is incorrect or unauthorized. Lyft may then investigate the matter and refund the charge if they agree that it was incorrect.

How long does it take for Lyft to delete your account?

Lyft does not delete accounts.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it depends on the specific terms and conditions of the account in question. However, it is generally advisable to avoid sharing account login details with anyone else, as this could result in unauthorized charges being made to the account. If you do need to allow someone else to use your account, it is recommended that you set up a separate account for them with their own login credentials.

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